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Our story

Yes and Science is a company based in Zurich, Switzerland and founded by Karim Bschir and Jane Muncke in 2016. Yes and science teaches scientists how to effectively communicate their work to scientific peers and lay audiences. We specialize in live presentations. Yes and Science merges science communication with tools from improvisational theatre. As experienced actors with a long and successful track record in theatre sports and other disciplines of improv theatre, we know all about entertaining a crowd. And after all, as Shakespeare told us: All the word’s a stage! – and science is no exception.
Luckily, we are also trained and successful scientists and we know the world of science by heart. This unique combination of skills allows us to help you become a great presenter who gets his or her message across – and let’s people remember why your work is important and relevant!


Jane is an experienced public speaker, trained scientist and longtime improvisational theatre actor and teacher. She started improvisational theatre in 1995 and was a founding and active member of the successful first Swiss improv group Eidgenössisches Improvisationstheater (EIT) until 2009. In 2005, Jane was part of the EIT team winning the first Swiss championship in theatresports (in St. Gallen). She graduated with a PhD in ecotoxicology from the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science (Eawag) in 2006, and has an MSc in environmental science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). Jane has worked on complex scientific issues ranging from sustainable waste water management to endocrine disruption in fish, and now focuses on science communication about chemicals in food contact materials. She is managing director of the charitable Food Packaging Forum Foundation and lives with her family in Zurich.


Karim has a background in biochemistry and holds a PhD in Philosophy of Science that he obtained from the SwissFederal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in 2011. Karim has been a member of the first Swiss impro group Eidgenössisches Improvisationstheater (EIT) since 1999. Besides his longtime experience as improv actor and teacher, he is also an experienced speaker and academic teacher who is well aquainted with scientific research the workings of scientific institutions. He currently teaches philosophy at the ETH and is engaged in a research project on the history and the philosophy of scientific prediction. His academic work is supported by a Branco Weiss – Society in Science Fellowship.